The immorality of seat-belts

The Amalek, who is head of the Reformed Pastafarian church has recently returned from a very successful trip to Africa. He had a wonderful opportunity to give some moral guidance to the people who flocked to listen to him as he travelled.

Of particular concern to the peace-loving Amalek is the wide-spread use of seat-belts in cars though-out the world and in Africa in particular. First and foremost they are simply immoral. They are absolutely against the Flying Spaghetti Monster’s will.

If someone wears a seat-belt, it is a firm statement they he doesn’t trust in the Flying Spaghetti Monster to protect him. That is a grave insult to Him. Also it is clear that the people who wear seat-belts drive without due care for other road users. They make people drive recklessly. Seat-belts are a major cause of accidents.

In an ethical society, people will drive safely and carefully they will not speed and they will not drink and drive. Then there will be no accidents. That is the ideal for which we strive. Each day people in cars are faced with a moral question, whether to trust the Flying Spaghetti Monster or to indulge in a sinful act and put on that seat-belt.

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