The International legal inclusion of Pastafarianism

From its origins to the present day

Since 2005, the American physicist Bobby Henderson unwittingly managed to start a major global movement at the time, which began when he wrote a public letter of relief and mockery. The movement is now known as Pastafarianism, and to this date has a large following in many countries around the world, even to be considered as a true religion.

Although a large number of people from diverse religious creeds and different cultures worldwide consider this movement as disrespect to their beliefs, its attractive and humorous proposal wins more and more followers every day, who openly speak of their newly acquired beliefs.

Countries which recognize the Pastafarian religion

In spite of being an organization of diverse nature depending on the nation and its situation, the existing international organization does not need to be recognized in any country, this because of its character and structure. However, there are several governments that do recognize it.

Among the countries that recognize the Pastafari religion as an established Church are:

New Zealand: this country has been a pioneer, even approving Pastafarian marriages in 2015 and officially celebrating the first wedding on April 16, 2016.

The Netherlands: with its own official website, this church was legally registered to the competent authorities on January 26, 2016.

Australia: Despite having been recognized in May 2017 as a religion, it has not been registered as a Church, but its religion status is countrywide accepted.

There are also countries like Spain that have denied the recognition of this religion because they consider that it does not have classical religious purposes, which has been widely and protested by its followers.

This religious organization, without a doubt, has come to stay, since as time goes by, it gains a greater number of followers who wait for the legalization and approval of their beliefs at a local level.

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