A new religion is born

Pastafarianism as a way of life

A new religion has been born. It is recognized by some countries and strongly rejected by others. If you do not know what Pastafarianism is, you must read this article.

This new religion derives its name from the union of “Pasta” and “Rastafarianism”, and is also known as the Church of the Flying Spaghetti Monster. It initially appeared as a social movement and was later recognized as a religion in some countries.

Despite having started as a mockery of the current mainstream religions, this movement has a large number of followers worldwide, who in addition to following their commandments, regularly have meetings in which they openly discuss their principles and present issues.

The genesis of Pastafarianism

At the end of 2005, Bobby Henderson, a Physics graduate from the University of Oregon in the United States, was unhappy about the pressure put on him by some Christian fundamentalist groups, which supported and forced the Kansas Board of Education to establish that schools will devote the same effort and academic time to explain the Evolutionary Theory of Darwin and Creationism, since they considered that both theories had scientific validity.

Although the decision on state schools was overturned during 2006, Henderson wrote an open letter to the Board of Education, in which he openly expressed his faith in a supernatural deity, which was similar to a ball of spaghetti with meatballs. In this letter, he also demanded his belief system to be granted the same prerogatives given to the theory of intelligent design.

Henderson was surprised by the success and acceptance of his argument and indicated that he wrote the letter just to have fun, declaring additionally that he has no problem with religions, but with those who pretend to pose them as science.

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