Pastafarian Congress Activities

Pastafarian congresses can be held in different places throughout the year. Pastafarians involved in one of these congresses must carry out a list of activities to fulfill its purpose. These meetings usually take place around holidays and many of them are held on the third Sunday in April.

A typical Pastafarian congress begins with a parade held in honor of the Flying Spaghetti Monster, and it usually ends with a blessing for the worshippers.

Although it may seem that these congresses are unplanned activities, actually it is quite the opposite, given that the gatherings usually go for two days in a row or more, and have a very detailed planning. It is often the case that the first day of the Congress is dedicated to indoor activities.

This initial congress day usually starts early in the day and doesn’t end until night. During this first day, each of the activities has a specific timeframe, and Pastafarians show their faith and beliefs, feature videos exposing the pillars of religion to the assistants and perform the public reading of some manuscripts.

At these events, Pastafarians seize the opportunity to decide the future schedule of meetings and provide ID cards to new members of Pastafarianism. They also show each other particular things that differentiate them from followers and they even start planning more upcoming activities.

The following congress day main focus is outdoor activities. For this, they choose an area of ​​their city and there they perform blessings, parades, and processions; this second day ends with the farewell to believers of Pastafarianism.

How to Get Involved

New believers who would like to go to a Pastafarian congress should visit a local Pastafarian website and be aware of the dates. This way they can be present at this great event among the Pastafarian community.

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