Pastafarian Education

There is no greater gift that parents can give to their children than the gift of faith in Pastafarianism. That is why Reformed Pastafarian schools and Sunday schools have such an important role to play in guiding the young. It is our responsibility to help young Pastafarian minds develop in the right direction.

It is absolutely crucial that children study the Pastafarian Gospel. Elders of the Reformed Pastafarian church have done excellent work producing texts for children from four to eighteen years old. There is also a whole library of books for adults who want to strengthen their faith. Parents cannot start teaching their children too young. The Lord, your Flying Spaghetti Monster can be mentioned in nursery rhymes and each December four and five year old children are encouraged to participate in the FSM creation plays.

It is also important that the young learn about heathen faiths too. Our motto is 50 to 1 is balanced. So for a well rounded eduction, we have for every 50 hours spent learning about the true Reformed Pastafarian faith, one hour on other religions. Their obvious flaws need to be mentioned. The arrogance of atheism can be discussed and perhaps something about the intellectually cowardly agnostics.

The children will then grow into mentally and spiritually strong adults and won’t be easily brain-washed into nefarious cults.

You must help the children find the truth in the Pastafarian Gospel.

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