Pastafarian holidays

Like any other religion, the Pastafarianism also has its own holidays. The Pastafarian followers refer to these days simply as celebrations, which are consecrated to honor his Noodliness Presence. Generally, the day chosen for the celebration of these festivities is Friday, and indeed, they are held every each Friday of the year.

This is because Fridays are the most sacred days for the Pastafarians, so they have chosen the last day of the week to celebrate the festivities. During the celebrations, Pastafarians must take things slowly and they may even sunbathe at the beach.

Consecrated Fridays

Every Friday the Pastafarians must commit to honoring the Beer Volcano and the Stripper Factory. In addition, each one of the believers should also honor His Noodly Appendage, who is the one who helps to observe every Friday with a maximum and very ingenious piety.

During the celebrations of these festivities, the young people gather dressed as pirates to drink beers, in this way they honor the Beer Volcano and then, when they feel it is appropriate, they leave in the company of playful people of lax morals. This is how they honor the Strippers Factory.

But this is only for single Pastafarians, since the married ones join the celebrations as a family, sharing beers and exposing their beliefs and ideas about this religion.3

Diverse celebrations

Although honoring the Beer Volcano and the Strippers Factory are the most common celebrations, during this year the Pastafarians joined their celebration on Fridays with a very particular technique.

This celebration is made for honoring each of the elements of the periodic table and is held in July. But not everything is for the elements since they also have celebrations such as the Blessing of the Earth, which is held on April’s third Sunday, and the Blessing of the Waters, which takes place in May, among other Pastafarian activities.

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