Pastafarian Prayers

Origin of the prayers

In any religion, prayers and pleadings are a fundamental part of the day by day of believers. In this aspect, the Church of the Flying Spaghetti Monster is no exception. In its main book, titled “The Gospel of the Flying Spaghetti Monster”, there is a series of prayers found in the Official Pastafarian Prayer Book section.

All of the Pastafarian prayers contained here are undoubtedly a parody and a satirical version of the mainstream worldwide religions, especially Christianity, which originally aroused this religious movement with new humorous features.

One of the qualities that these prayers present is their atypical ending, which instead of ending in the known amen, is changed by the word “R’amen”.

Prominent prayers

Here is a brief overview of the prayers, with a small example of them as a reference.

  • Our Pasta: “Our Pasta, who “Arghh” in heaven, Swallowed be thy shame. Thy Midgit come. Thy Sauce be yum, On top some grated Parmesan…”
  • Hail Marinara: “Hail Marinara, Full of Spice, The Flying Spaghetti Monster is filled with thee.Tasty art thou amongst sauces, and blessed is the fruit of thy jar, tomatoes (although fools believe they are vegetables)…”
  • O’ Divine One: “As has been proclaimed by the Pirates, Ahoy! for a New Age has come.Let the printed idols fall before the Awesome might of the Noodle! Let there be singing in the streets and countrysides of the great divinity that is The Flying Spaghetti Monster…”
  • Thy Praise: “Praise, for we taste sauce, from which all spices flow Praise for we drink up, ye Pirates here below .Praise Until the Kansas School Board calls. Praise Noodles, Sauce, and Meaty Balls…”
  • Glob: “Oh Great Glob. Send forth your wriggly, jiggly, noodly appendages. For your touch does inspire much Globliness For Cleanliness is closer to Globliness…”

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