Pastafarian Weddings

The Cult of Church of the Flying Spaghetti Monster, or Pastafarianism, doesn’t require from its followers the strict observance of any particular sacrament, but it is mandatory the celebration of every cheerful occasion, and surely the Pastafarian marriage is one of them.

Tranquil ceremonies from a tranquil religion

The Pastafarian rituals aim to celebrate those moments in each person’s life that turns out to be the most outstanding; or they may simply give an excuse to its followers to gather and celebrate, to eat and drink. Its fulfillment is mandatory, although as such, there are no strict rules on how to carry it out for any particular occasion, and all this is on the celebrants’ account. Among the most celebrated moments are births and weddings.

¡Let’s Celebrate!

Pastafarian weddings can be held according to the tastes of those who are going to take the big step. However, you can follow some suggestions to make a celebration according to the principles and precepts of religion.

First of all, a celebrant will offer a speech to the attendees praising the wonders of the present and only life, which should be enjoyed in a big way with no excuses, just to prevent the circumstance that there may be no option to another life. It is better to be cautious, that is.

After the speech, the fiancés joining in marriage will eat a spaghetti bowl with tomatoes and meatballs, along with a glass of beer; the grooms must share the spaghettis and beer, since there will only be one spaghetti bowl and one glass of beer (the brand may be chosen by the celebrants). At the wedding, sharing food and drinks with guests is considered something that cannot be ruled out.

Then, the attendants to the marriage will applaud with laughter and joy, patting each other on the back, while they dance and listen to music.

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