Pastafarianism: a protest against the teaching of Creationism

Pastafarianism is a wide-spread movement on the Internet since 2005, when the controversy between Bobby Henderson and the Kansas State Board of Education began to gain notoriety, following the publication on his own website of a letter sent by him to the Council protesting against the decision of forcing public schools to teach the theory of intelligent design as an alternative to the Theory of Darwinian Evolution.

Intelligent design and public education

In the United States, the separation between Church and State bans the teaching of any theocentric theory about the origin of the universe, in the same way preached in the Bible. Starting in 1999, many Christian fundamentalist groups began to exert pressure for creationism to be taught as an alternative to evolutionary theory, on the grounds of compensation needed by imparting another perspective to the students.

The theory of intelligent design is an effort to explain the origin of life on Earth by the hand of a designer architect of everything, without making explicit reference to any god or religion.

A protest against these measures

In 2004, the Kansas State Board of Education approved the same number of teaching hours to the intelligent design and to the Theory of Darwinian Evolution, stating that both have the same scientific validity. In 2005, Bobby Henderson sent a letter of complaint exposing that if intelligent design theory could enjoy that privilege, his faith in a supernatural being, which resembles a ball of spaghetti with meatballs, must be equally granted the same teaching hours as the intelligent design and the Evolution Theory. Given his notoriety, Henderson and the Pastafarianism reached popularity as a symbol of the fight against the education of the intelligent design in public schools.

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