The Pastafarian Cults

When talking about Pastafarianism, it is inevitable talking about the many Pastafarian cults, since this religious movement, which emerged as a protest against the decision of the Kansas State Board of Education to allow the teaching of the hypothesis of intelligent design as an alternative model to the Theory of Evolution, has reached broad diffusion, favoring its development to expand beyond its author original expectations.

The cults of the dominant Monsterism

The movement developed by Henderson having achieved such notoriety, obviously led Pastafarians to further develop their creeds, rituals and to even conceive a creation myth and a story describing the misadventures of the faithful Pastafarian victims of religious persecution. This expansion was the foundation to the emergence of numerous cults, such as the Orthodox Monsterist Church of West Virginia and Southern Quebec, the Mystical Order of the Flying Spaghetti Monster, the Moomin Church of His Spaghettiness of Jersey, among others. But there are also appeared separatist movements opposed to the mainstream faith.

The separatists

The Reformed Church of Alfredo is in opposition to the mainstream Monsterist movement, in the same way as the SPAM’a Linuinism (from Spaghetti & Pulsar Activating Meatballs), which claims to have the original and true letter sent to the Kansas State School Board.

Another separatist group, known as the Moundarians, worships the Mound, a bundle of mold and debris that inhabits the end of the 96th St and Broadway Station in the New York City subway, as they consider him a prophet of the Flying Spaghetti Monster. The creed practiced by Moundarians is known as Moundarianism, and it establishes that the Mound can only be appeased by means of ritual sacrifices of several items made from plastic.

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