The Pastafarian Rituals

Pastafarianism is an attempt to parody the aspiration of some groups to introduce the teaching of intelligent design into the school curriculum, and Pastafarian rites are presented as a criticism of such effort. The Pastafarianism presents a system of rites and customs mandatory for its followers, although these precepts are more relaxed than those of other religions. Prayer is one of those rituals and the Pastafarian prayer must adhere to a set of principles in doing so.

The Pastafarian prayer

The Pastafarian prayer is part of a system of rituals and customs rooted in beliefs that pretend to parody the mainstream religions, in order to expose the absurdity of pseudoscientific assertions based on religious precepts that pretend to be legitimate science. The Pastafarian prayer must recite words that praise the god of his faith, the Flying Spaghetti Monster or FSM, emphasizing that this deity is the creator of the world, as well as talking about food and condiments.

The mention and tribute to the pirate descent of the Pastafarians are also highlighted in some prayers, as well as the direct mockery of science through arguments that lack means of proof. The end of each prayer must be complemented with a final “R’amen“, which parodies the Christian “Amen” by blending it with the Japanese word “ramen”, which refers to a popular noodles broth.

What is its intention?

All of the above is done after the goal of criticizing the advocates of the intelligent design as an alternative to the Theory of Evolution, using the same arguments that are often used to try to discredit scientific theories that show overwhelming evidence. The reasoning behind the idea is a “Reductio ad absurdum” (or proof by contradiction) by creating a hypothesis of the intelligent design which cannot be rejected and is upheld even in the absence of any evidence that proves its claims.

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