Unprecedented connexions in Pastafarianism

A religion with absurd answers

Many religions make proposals without logical or scientific foundations, leading to logical fallacy if a false correlation of an event implies a cause. One of these affirmations is that posed by religious groups, commonly fanatics, who affirm that natural catastrophes or accidents occur as a result of the global reduction of the values proposed by religion.

This has been the case of several ministers or preachers who have indicated that the floods and hurricanes have been sent by their deities as a punishment for homosexuality or abandonment to religious temples.

Pirates and global warming

Global warming is undoubtedly an issue that keeps the scientific community alert, since the excess of gases and environmental pollution have produced a constant increase in temperature, which affects the global climate in every sense, negatively influencing all of its inhabitants.

A humorous way of representing and criticizing the opinion of some religions about natural events is the representation depicted in The Gospel of the Flying Spaghetti Monster, giving it an inverse relationship to the number of pirates existing today, versus the direct effects of global warming.

This book exposes the idea that there is a perfect correlation between the increase in the planetary temperature and the decrease in the number of pirates, which began in the year 1820.

The pirates in this religion are considered deities, leaving behind the image of thieves and outlaws, since they consider that it was the product of the disinformation generated by the theologians during the past. The pirate is now described as an explorer lover of peace that distributes goodwill around the world.

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